Sunday, March 27, 2022

Pinky Ruth #45

Today was such a good day. I was a spunky spitfire. Yes, my Maddie is coming home tonight and I spent the day exploring some of the downstairs which I usually try to avoid. I also looked out the back upstairs window and watched Lay-dee working in the yard. I even saw two crows ripping branches off of the neighbor's tree. Weird birds.

Every time Lay-dee came to my room today I greeted her with happy meows. I made sure she knew that I wanted her to pet me. I even let her pick me up and squeeze me and scratch behind my ears and tell me that I was her favorite girl. Lay-dee and I are friends now.
When Big Daddy came upstairs I meowed and led him to my pink scratcher box. He knows that this is where I like to have the love. He petted and scratched. He told me he was going to miss me when I went back to the 5th floor in Seattle. It was what I'd expect of Big Daddy. It was nice and I will miss him.
There was a brief moment tonight when one of Lay-dee's rascal hooligan cats was a real nuisance to me. I was resting underneath Lay-dee's bed and he insisted on coming to visit. I took care of him. Lay-dee was not happy with him and apologized. She told me I was a strong independent young woman who could certainly take care of herself.
I knew the time was near for Maddie to come home because there was commotion and cleaning in my room. I ate my dinner. I did my business. I started to take a bath so Maddie wouldn't think I had let myself go.
And then...I heard Lay-dee say, "Oh no....". I heard Lay-dee tell Big Daddy Maddie missed their flight.

My Maddie missed their flight.
I can't talk anymore.

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