Monday, March 28, 2022

Pinky Ruth #46

Maddie arrived after midnight. I greeted them with many meows and head nudges. Maddie picked me up and told me how much I was missed. And loved. And then...they left. Maddie went off to the bathroom and shut the door. Well, I threw a Pinky Ruth sized tantrum. I marched to the bathroom and meowed so loudly I woke up a sleeping Lay-dee. How dare Maddie get home, after being gone for MANY days, and then shut the door on me! I did, fairly quickly, forgive them and insisted on having some sleeping cuddles together.

When I saw Maddie bring out my carrying case this morning, I tried to make a run for it. As much as I wanted to go home, I am not fond of the car ride. Lay-dee was on to me and shut all the doors in the house so I had nowhere to run to. I glared at her.
The car ride was as unpleasant as usual. I was a bit in awe, and afraid, of the giant, very loud dump trucks that we were next to at a stoplight. And, I knew immediately when we were close to my home. I lifted my head and sniffed my 'hood. It comforted me.
This afternoon I climbed up to the top of my 5th-floor cat post that is in front of the big window. I surveyed the Seattle streets below. I made sure Maddie was close by, turned around a few times, and settled in for a long sleep. I was exhausted. I definitely need a vacation from Maddie's vacation.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Pinky Ruth #45

Today was such a good day. I was a spunky spitfire. Yes, my Maddie is coming home tonight and I spent the day exploring some of the downstairs which I usually try to avoid. I also looked out the back upstairs window and watched Lay-dee working in the yard. I even saw two crows ripping branches off of the neighbor's tree. Weird birds.

Every time Lay-dee came to my room today I greeted her with happy meows. I made sure she knew that I wanted her to pet me. I even let her pick me up and squeeze me and scratch behind my ears and tell me that I was her favorite girl. Lay-dee and I are friends now.
When Big Daddy came upstairs I meowed and led him to my pink scratcher box. He knows that this is where I like to have the love. He petted and scratched. He told me he was going to miss me when I went back to the 5th floor in Seattle. It was what I'd expect of Big Daddy. It was nice and I will miss him.
There was a brief moment tonight when one of Lay-dee's rascal hooligan cats was a real nuisance to me. I was resting underneath Lay-dee's bed and he insisted on coming to visit. I took care of him. Lay-dee was not happy with him and apologized. She told me I was a strong independent young woman who could certainly take care of herself.
I knew the time was near for Maddie to come home because there was commotion and cleaning in my room. I ate my dinner. I did my business. I started to take a bath so Maddie wouldn't think I had let myself go.
And then...I heard Lay-dee say, "Oh no....". I heard Lay-dee tell Big Daddy Maddie missed their flight.

My Maddie missed their flight.
I can't talk anymore.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Pinky Ruth #44

My favorite thing to do in the entire world is to eat plastic. My second favorite thing is to have my fur brushed. Lay-dee started brushing my fur this morning. I gave her a chance to see if she could do it the right way like Maddie does. After the first few brushes did not upset me, I stretched my neck out and let Lay-dee brush my cheeks, my head and my neck. Eventually, I let her graduate to my entire belly. But then, I smelled it. Nasty rascal hooligan cat smell. I pulled my head back in shock and started aggressively sniffing the brush.

'Oh Lay-dee......." I thought. "What HAVE you done?"
I soon realized that Lay-dee had just brushed me with her smelly rascal cats' brush. I couldn't have been more offended and my hiss expressed my displeasure. It took me over half an hour of licking my fur to get it pristine, beautiful and smelling like me again.
I managed to find a new hiding place today. Lay-dee and Big Daddy spent quite a long time looking for me. They must have walked by me a dozen times, calling out my name the entire time. I stayed silent. Finally, Lay-dee noticed that there was a roundish shape in the blankets of her unmade bed that were hanging on the floor. She poked my bum. I let out a tiny mee-yew. My new secret hiding spot had been discovered.
The window is open in my room this evening. The smells are good. The boy across the street isn't falling off of his skateboard anymore. He goes fast up the street. A lady mowed her lawn. A man is cleaning out his garage. This is very different than my usual 5th floor window city views. I miss those views. I miss my home. Lay-dee told me that Maddie is coming home tomorrow but it will be after dark when I get to see them. Lay-dee told me to pray the airplane works like it is supposed to.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Pinky Ruth #43

Lay-dee got up to pee in the middle of the night. She was lazy and left the bedroom door cracked open. When she returned, she saw one of those rascal hooligan cats coming out of one of my litter boxes. Lay-dee was not happy with him. I did see him come in and brazenly have his way with my private space. I was half asleep though and far too tired to confront him and put him in his place. Nevertheless, I, Pinky Ruth, felt quite violated.

Lay-dee was gone a long time today. When she got home I meowed nice meows to her and let her scratch my head and cheeks. She started to pet me but she rubbed my fur too hard so I had to swipe my giant paw at her.
When Big Daddy came home I meowed nice meows to him and let him scratch my head and cheeks. He started to pet me and rubbed my fur just right. So I rolled to the side a bit and let him rub my belly as well.
I tried to escape to my closet Rubbermaid hidden retreat this evening. I was thwarted (!), threatened (!), terrified (!) by a Dustbuster vacuum that Lay-dee had left just outside my door. I tried to leave my room, but I just could not get myself through the door. I backed up, raise my spine up, fluffed up my fur a bit and put on my mean face. The Dustbuster was not scared of me. I charged a bit and raised my giant paw toward the enemy.

The Dustbuster was unfazed. I even put on my wide eyed, crazy eyes and stared
down this worthy adversary.
The Dustbuster never once flinched. I turned around, my head hung low, and burrowed my defeated self underneath the blankets. This is when pees-a-lot Lay-dee decided to take my photo.
Not the right time, Lay-dee. Not the right time.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Pinky ruth #42

Sooo......I did a thing last night. Lay-dee was sleeping with me. (So I don't get lonely...blah, blah, whatever.) I jumped up onto the end of the bed and settled in near Lay-dee's feet. I could tell she was so excited she could barely contain herself. I refused to look directly at her though. I was trying to send the message to Lay-dee that she needed to chill and not make a big deal about this.

She took pictures.
This morning, I watched from the window as Lay-dee was struggling, panicked, trying to scrape the ice off of her car. My internal cat clock said that she did indeed leave a bit late today. I was glad to be nice and warm as I judged her from inside the house. This afternoon, a rascal cat came into my room, laid down in my pink scratcher box, and stunk it all up with his smell. I was not happy and we had a stare-off for a few minutes before Lay-dee made him leave. I am counting that as a win for me.
I escaped this evening to my, now not-so-secret, hiding place on the Rubbermaid underneath Big Daddy's shirts. I am not sound asleep though. It is dinner time for me and so far I have not heard it arrive in my bowl.

I wait.


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Pinky Ruth #41

I was in the window when Lay-dee got home from work this morning. She stood in the driveway, called my name out loud, and waved to me for over a minute. I was so embarrassed for her.

Lay-dee rushed into the house, charged up the stairs, and opened the door to my room. "My Pinky Ruth darlin'!" she shouted. "I'm here to give you some good pets." I wasted no time jumping down from the window and hiding under the bed. Lay-dee overwhelms me. She tries too hard. She got on her knees and peeked at me under the bed. I saw her face. I saw how disappointed she was. She held out her hand for me to sniff. She told me what a good girl I was.
And then she left me alone.
Later in the day, Lay-dee fed me my food, changed both of my litter boxes, refreshed all 3 of my water bowls, and fluffed all 4 of the sleeping spots she made for me. She sat on the floor and wiggled my crinkle butterfly. She twirled my rainbow string. She zig-zagged the flashlight against the wall. She did all of these things the wrong way. She didn't do them like my missing Maddie
But I tried.
I played with the butterfly and the string. I chased the flashlight light on the wall. I ate and peed and laid down in the closet fort Lay-dee made for me. I tried. Lay-dee perked up a bit. She smiled at me and told me what a good girl I was. She told me Maddie would be home Sunday night.
I sure hope Sunday is soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Pinky Ruth #40

I was quite amused last night when one of Lay-dee's rascal hooligan cats tried to break into my room. I watched from one side of the door as he meowed pathetically from the other. He stuck his little paws underneath the door and I had to give him a big whomp with my giant paws.

I tried to sleep under the covers most of the day. Lay-dee still insisted on scratching my head every hour or so. I think she is very good at the scratchin' but she must never ever know that I feel this way. She opened the windows in my room this afternoon. She pulled back the covers and told me that I should start sniffing the fresh air. I did spend some time in the windows and watched two very loud crows on the light pole.
I ended the day by giving Lay-dee a heart attack. She came upstairs to give me my hourly scratches and she couldn't find me anywhere. I heard her calling my name. She checked every room in the house but still couldn't find me. Lay-dee finally found me in her bedroom closet. I was curled up on some stacked Rubbermaid containers and was hidden by all of Big Daddy's shirts. Lay-dee was so relieved to find me. She told me I was her silly ding-dong girl who was very good at hiding.
I think Lay-dee is the ding dong.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Pinky Ruth #39

I had an exhausting morning. I monitored the kids walking to school. They seemed unable to do this orderly or quietly. I then supervised the worker man across the street. He was taking down old gutters and putting up new ones. The old gutters made a very loud noise when they were thrown to the ground. His saw also made a screeching sound every time he used it. I judged all of these things to be very annoying.

I finally crawled under the covers to get some peace and quiet. I intended to sleep the rest of the afternoon. Lay-dee kept peeking under the covers. She said my name in a nice soft voice, gently petted me, and scratched behind my ears. She annoyed me as much as the gutter man did. She thinks I'm depressed because I want to sleep so much.
This is yet another reason why she is not my favorite. Does she not know that this is what cats do? We like to sleep. A lot. I wish she would leave me alone.
When Big Daddy came home I jumped right out from under the covers, ate some food, used my litter box and drank from my fountain. I let him pet me and scratch behind my ears. Lay-dee seemed annoyed.


Sunday, March 20, 2022

Pinky Ruth #38

Big Daddy slept with me last night. He told me he didn't want me to be lonely. Apparently, however, he did want me to leave my already warmed-up spot on the bed so he could get under the covers. I hissed at him and punched him with my giant paws because I didn't want to move. I did let him give me some belly rubs this morning though so he knows we are still friends.

I spent some time today in the window looking at the bird feeders in Lay-dee's backyard. My perch was right above the heat vent and the curtains were closed. The heat swirled up behind the curtains and made a nice warm tent for me to be content and chirp at all of the birds. I was also entertained by an awkward squirrel who was trying to steal the birds' food. I judged his every attempt, lording over him from my 2nd story window. I was warm and happy.
But then Lay-dee found me. She saw me looking at the birds and told me that Maddie was also looking at birds today. She said Maddie was very far away. Maddie could have watched birds with me right from Lay-dee's window! I don't know why they had to leave. I started to get sad again so I burrowed myself under the bed covers and went to sleep.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Pinky Ruth #37

Maddie is gone.

I am so very sad and lonely without them.
Lay-dee took Maddie to the airport this morning. When Lay-dee got back home she found me meowing my desperate pleading meow. She saw my paws poking out from under the door I was imprisoned behind. She saw me trying to shake the door open. She saw me trying to get to my Maddie.
Lay-dee felt bad for me and tried to comfort me. She is not good at that. Lay-dee and Big Daddy were gone most of the day and I spent it all imprisoned behind the door. When they came home I was sleeping quite comfortably on the bed, enjoying some peace and quiet. But, I immediately put on my sad, forlorn face. I wanted them to see how much I missed my Maddie.
Because it's true.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Pinky Ruth #36

Lay-dee and Big Daddy woke me up in the middle of the night. I watched from the window as they both left in their cars when it was very dark out. I, of course, went back to sleep.

I was sitting in my pink scratcher box when Lay-dee came home. I was perfectly situated in a big sun patch. Lay-dee took my picture and then reached out to pet me (without my permission, by the way). My sun patch suddenly disappeared. Maddie said that a cloud must have blocked the sun. I found it to be very suspicious.
A few hours later, Lay-dee came for another visit. I had found another sun patch and was quite content lounging and warming my fur. The very minute (!) Lay-dee entered the room my sun patch AGAIN, suddenly disappeared. All the warmth and the cozy and the joy in my life at that moment were gone.
Maddie and Lay-dee laughed. I didn't know what was so funny. Lay-dee smiled at me and told me she was ALL POWERFUL and could even control the sun. Maddie told me that my sun patch losses were just a coincidence.
I am now forced to consider this question: Does Lay-dee actually have superpowers?