Saturday, March 19, 2022

Pinky Ruth #37

Maddie is gone.

I am so very sad and lonely without them.
Lay-dee took Maddie to the airport this morning. When Lay-dee got back home she found me meowing my desperate pleading meow. She saw my paws poking out from under the door I was imprisoned behind. She saw me trying to shake the door open. She saw me trying to get to my Maddie.
Lay-dee felt bad for me and tried to comfort me. She is not good at that. Lay-dee and Big Daddy were gone most of the day and I spent it all imprisoned behind the door. When they came home I was sleeping quite comfortably on the bed, enjoying some peace and quiet. But, I immediately put on my sad, forlorn face. I wanted them to see how much I missed my Maddie.
Because it's true.

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