Saturday, November 27, 2021

Pinky Ruth #17

 Day 5 of my Thanksgiving captivity: I woke up to glorious news! Maddie informed me that I was being freed. (I'd like to thank Garth Nelson and the "Free Pinky Rooth" grassroots campaign. I'm sure it shortened my sentence by at least a day.) On my last day, I spent some time under Big Daddy's chair. As he played video games he reached down and scratched my head. This gave me the confidence to saunter myself down the stairs to where those rascal, hooligan cats hang out. I proceeded to rub every corner I could find. I wanted to make sure that they would remember the great Pinky Ruth. I wanted my smell to haunt and annoy them for quite some time. Unfortunately, I then had to ride in the car to get back to my 5th-floor city apartment. I made sure to make a fuss the entire trip. When Lay-dee pulled the car in front of my building, however, I was silent. I knew I was finally home. Maddie let me out of my cage and I ran under the bed, just in case Lay-dee wanted to give me goodbye loves. I came out the minute she left and I heard the door shut. I ran over to my water fountain and drank to my heart's content. And then I slept. I climbed in my cat post...and I slept, as a happy and free Pinky Ruth.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Pinky Ruth #16

Day 4 of my Thanksgiving captivity: I knew they were downstairs paying attention to those rascal, hooligan cats Lay-dee wants me to be friends with. I used this time to check out the view of the birdfeeders from an upstairs bedroom window, Afterwards, I plopped myself down at the top of the stairs. I meowed to remind them all who the true queen of this Thanksgiving castle is--despite my desire to not be held captive in it. Lay-dee mistakenly thought I called her name. She ran up the stairs and then sat quietly next to me. She talked softly and told me that I was such a good girl. I managed to squeak out a response. Which again, she mistakenly interpreted as my approval of her being next to me. Big Daddy arrived to save me. When I saw him come up the stairs I meowed happy meows. I ran over to him and let him pet me and scratch my head and under my chin. I laid down on the floor and showed him my belly. I even let him rub it a little bit. I let him throw me a toy and I tried to catch it with my giant paw. I love Big Daddy. He makes my captivity tolerable.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Pinky Ruth #15

Day 3 of my Thanksgiving captivity: There was a lot of action today. I heard banging and clanging from downstairs. I smelled some good things. And I heard Lay-dee mutter, "Well the breast is done but the rest is definitely not." I knew my safe place was burrowed under the blankets. Lay-dee keeps the house so cold that she has to give Maddie and me old musty blankets to keep us warm. That's me under Bob the Builder's mouth. I slept most of the day away, content to be far from the questionable noises downstairs. But, as usual, Lay-dee has to take things too far. I'd like to report that I was accosted this evening. Lay-dee raised the blanket to take my picture while I was sound asleep. You can see that I am clearly offended. She gave me no time to fix my face and fluff my fur. Yet another reason why she will never be my favorite.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Pinky Ruth #14

 It is day 2 of my Thanksgiving captivity and it started out real rough. Big Daddy and Lay-dee's alarm went off at 4:30. Do they not know this is the middle of the night? (Have you seen photos of how pretty I am? Clearly, my beauty sleep is very important to me.) Big Daddy and Lay-dee then made far too much noise and commotion loading their cars in the pitch black darkness of the super early "morning". I jumped up in the window, looked down at them in the driveway, and showed them my angry, "woke up too early face". They just smiled and kept waving and pointing at me. I spent much of my time today burrowed under the covers recovering from this shockingly early wake-up and my car trip jet lag stress from yesterday. I also managed to watch the people across the street cleaning their garage, a few delivery drivers delivering packages, and school kids dragging their backpacks on the ground as they walked home. Sadly, I don't think any of them saw me looking at them. None of them looked up at me and smiled and waved and pointed like Big Daddy and Lay-dee did in the early morning.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Pinky Ruth #13

It is Day 1 of my Thanksgiving captivity. Today I was ripped from my home gently and peacefully and forced to ride in the car to Lay-dee's house. Lay-dee grumbled the entire way home about traffic but I liked the slow pace the car went. Maddie let me sit on their lap and said nice things to me the entire trip. I still managed to complain for over an hour. I was fascinated though with how the light changes when we go under overpasses and in tunnels. I also saw what was probably a million dumb crows fly overhead. And I stared for a bit at the Amazon truck driver who was next to us when we were stopped on the road. I am now in Maddie's room and have tried out all of the window perches and closet forts that Lay-dee has made for me. I even saw that she put my favorite stuffed snake under the bed. Last summer, when I stayed at Lay-dee's house, I curled up in my snake almost every day. Lay-dee thinks she can win my love this Thanksgiving by making me comfortable and happy. For now, I sit in judgment of her on a very soft blanket in my new secret closet hideaway. Perhaps, I shall sleep here tonight. Traveling is so exhausting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pinky Ruth #12

They told me at the worst time.

I was content. I had found a box lid and was in the middle of a perfectly wonderful, Monday night, Fits and Sits session.
Maddie took one look at me and chuckled. They shook their head back and forth, took a few photos, and then dropped a couple of truth bombs on me.
Maddie said, “Pinky Ruth, you are doing a great job sitting but I’m not sure you are fitting!”
And then they added, slyly I might add, “Next week Pinky Ruth, we are going to visit Lay-dee and Big Daddy for Thanksgiving!”
When I heard these things, I was no longer content.
First of all, I fit in that box lid just fine.
Second of all, I thought I had served my time last summer when Maddie left me with Lay-dee and Big Daddy for 10 days, 14 hours and 43 seconds.
Maddie assured me that this time they would stay with me the entire time and would sleep with me every night. This made me feel only slightly better. I know I’m going to have to encounter those rascals, those hooligan cats that Lay-dee has. I’m going to have to leave my closet fort. And I’m quite sure Lay-dee does not even have a fountain for me to drink out of like Maddie does.
I have a week to plan for my unfortunate, upcoming fate. But there are two things I already know. I intend to loudly voice my disapproval the entire time Maddie forces me to be in that unbearable and confining car ride to Lay-dee's house. And if one of those hooligan cats dares to come near me, I will use my giant paw to Take. Him. Out.
I do wonder about Big Daddy though. I hope he will still give me the nightly pets. I liked those.
Signed, Pinky Ruth #herewegoagain #fearthepaw