Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Pinky Ruth #56

Today I cuddled with Maddie just a little bit longer in the morning. Today I threw my krinkle butterfly high in the air just because I was so happy to be home. Today I sat on my own cat post and judged the city dogs and their owners, the city kids who were late to school and the city crows messing around in the lot next door.

Today was perfect.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Pinky Ruth #55

I slept quite comfortably in the old rocking chair last night. I needed some good rest because today was a very busy day for me. From my window perch, I supervised the neighbor children riding their bikes. I tried to keep up with the RC car a boy was racing around the street. I watched Lay-dee accomplish quite a lot in the yard. I also saw Big Daddy walk in and out of the garage quite a few times. I never did actually see him accomplish anything though.

Lay-dee caught me trying to eat packing tape off of a box today. She was very judgy and said she was "disappointed" in me.
WHAT-ever. I think Lay-dee needs to actually taste packing tape before she denies me my favorite guilty pleasure. I know she'd change her mind.
I was sleeping contentedly under the Bob the Builder blanket this afternoon when Lay-dee threw the blanket back and picked me up. She had Big Daddy take our picture and then she shoved me into my travel case and put me in the car. As Big Daddy started the car, Lay-dee told him to play some piano music for me. Lay-dee said the piano music might calm me down for my car ride.
Big Daddy pulled out of the driveway and told me that it was all going to be ok because he was taking me back to my Maddie. I was happy I would see Maddie but was not happy about the required car ride to make that happen. And so I let out a howl that resonated a bit more with thrash metal than it did with Lay-dee's suggested piano music.
Lay-dee, you don't know me at all, do you?

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Pinky Ruth #54

I am less cranky about being forced to stay at Lay-dee and Big Daddy's house. I finally had the relaxing day I was hoping for. I slept quite a lot. I escaped under beds, cozied myself under blankets, and even enjoyed some time in the closet fort that Lay-dee built for me. That Lay-dee sure can build a nice, comfy fort. I do wish she'd stop asking me if I like my closet fort though. I'm using it, aren't I? She is so insecure.

I did have to growl at one of Lay-dee's rascal hooligan cats that tried to visit and make friends with me. If I were to have friends, they would be a much higher class than Lay-dee's plebeian hooligans. I was also disturbed for some time by a crow that sat on the top of a light pole outside my window. Despite my chattered, staccato half-meow-chirps, the crow refused to move. He even repeatedly taunted me with his irritating squawks and squeals. He is not my favorite.
Lay-dee is now trying to get me to play by dipping my toys in the catnip bag. I do like the catnip. I'm not as fond of Lay-dee. The struggle is real.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Pinky Ruth #53

Lay-dee pulled into the driveway and saw me perched in the 2nd story window upstairs. She looked like a fool waving and yelling to me from down below. I had been watching the man across the street working in his garage.

Lay-dee rushed into the house and burst into my room. She told me I was a pretty girl who deserved to have the window open. Just as she opened the window, the man across the street started making very loud screeching noises with a machine and sparks started flying out of his garage.
I could not move off of my window perch fast enough. I scrambled under the bed, terrified. Lay-dee, trying to comfort me, said that she didn't know that so much big, fluffy white fur could move that quickly. This subtle body shaming comment is yet another reason why Lay-dee will never be my favorite. She is lucky I don't pee all over her carpet.
I am now trying to sleep under my softy Bob the Builder blanket. Lay-dee insisted on taking a photo of me trying to relax. You can clearly see how happy I am about this. Lay-dee and Big Daddy keep telling me I am a brave girl. They tell me over and over how pretty I am. I can't tell you how many times they have asked me if I want the "good rubbins".
You know what I really want? I want some peace and quiet. I want to sleep without being disturbed. I want Lay-dee and Big Daddy to realize that I already know how pretty I am.
Most of all, though, I just want my Maddie
to come home.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Pinky Ruth #52

I believe I've been brazenly kidnapped.

I knew Lay-dee was coming for me. But I never dreamed she would drive away, with me in the car, and leave my Maddie standing alone on the curb.
I was so distraught that I amplified the volume and frequency of my usual car ride protest howls. Lay-dee told me this was my most impressive car protest performance ever. I am sure that this kidnapping is Lay-dee's least impressive performance ever.
I spent the afternoon at Lay-dee's house doing my best to manipulate her. I managed to convince her, with my meows and a cute tilt of my head, to open the
windows so I could sniff the outside smells. I easily guilted her into giving me a few more treats than I am normally allowed. And I refused to sleep until Lay-dee spread out the Bob the Builder blanket in one flat layer, so I could burrow underneath. (Lay-dee had the blanket folded....she does not have a good memory.)
Windows open, extra treats and my softy blanket spread out perfectly.
Who's in charge of this kidnapping now, Lay-dee?

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Pinky Ruth #51

If you zoom in you can see the field. I watched the kids run around, kicking a ball, on that field today.. The kids looked happy. I was happy, perched on my post. I was warm in the sun. It was a perfect day.

Then I heard Maddie say, "Yes, you can pick her up on Friday."
I turned my head toward Maddie, questioning.
I soon dropped my head, not even wanting to look at the beautiful sunset that was beginning.
I knew. I just knew.
Lay-dee was coming for me.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Pinky Ruth #50

Maddie had been gone for 36 hours and 17 minutes when they opened the apartment door and called for me. I was lounging on the end of the bed, content with my cozy spot.

I meowed my cute meow.
Maddie thought my cute meow meant that I missed them and that I was glad they were home and that I was thankful I didn't have to spend another lonely night all by myself. (It did.)
But my cute meow was also a very polite way of saying, "Hey, where the heck have you been? You were gone waaaay to long. Don't ever do that again. Take a look at my food bowl there, ok? It's empty!!! I might be close to dying of starvation. Let's take care of that right away, ok?"
Maddie rushed over and filled my food bowl. I ate until I was pretty sure I was going to live. And then I propped myself up on the sofa in a patch of sunshine. I stared at Maddie on the other end, pretending to be a little bit mad that they left me overnight. I posed for the obligatory photo. And then, I couldn't wait any longer.
I rushed over, curled up next to Maddie, started purring,

and let them scratch behind my ears. I was happy. My person was home.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Pinky Ruth #49

When I realized Big Daddy was alone as he walked through the apartment door this morning, I came out from under the bed where I usually hide when Lay-dee visits. I let Big Daddy pet me and scratch my belly in my pink scratcher box. When he stopped, I meowed my loud, demanding meow. My belly was NOT done being scratched. (note to self: BD needs more training)

Big Daddy took my picture and sent it to Lay-dee on his phone. Lay-dee was mad about the petting and the scratching. She said I only liked Big Daddy because we were both very judgy. She said we should start our own judgy club. Lay-dee is so immature.
And then they were gone.
I saw the suitcase being packed. I saw the plants being watered. I saw the blinds being lowered.
I never saw my carrier.
I should have known
As the door shut behind Big Daddy and Maddie, I turned around and saw quite a lot of extra food in my bowl. This was not normal.
I stared at the apartment.
I stared at the shadows
from the lowered
I was all alone.
Signed, Pinky Ruth