Saturday, May 28, 2022

Pinky Ruth #53

Lay-dee pulled into the driveway and saw me perched in the 2nd story window upstairs. She looked like a fool waving and yelling to me from down below. I had been watching the man across the street working in his garage.

Lay-dee rushed into the house and burst into my room. She told me I was a pretty girl who deserved to have the window open. Just as she opened the window, the man across the street started making very loud screeching noises with a machine and sparks started flying out of his garage.
I could not move off of my window perch fast enough. I scrambled under the bed, terrified. Lay-dee, trying to comfort me, said that she didn't know that so much big, fluffy white fur could move that quickly. This subtle body shaming comment is yet another reason why Lay-dee will never be my favorite. She is lucky I don't pee all over her carpet.
I am now trying to sleep under my softy Bob the Builder blanket. Lay-dee insisted on taking a photo of me trying to relax. You can clearly see how happy I am about this. Lay-dee and Big Daddy keep telling me I am a brave girl. They tell me over and over how pretty I am. I can't tell you how many times they have asked me if I want the "good rubbins".
You know what I really want? I want some peace and quiet. I want to sleep without being disturbed. I want Lay-dee and Big Daddy to realize that I already know how pretty I am.
Most of all, though, I just want my Maddie
to come home.

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