Saturday, May 14, 2022

Pinky Ruth #49

When I realized Big Daddy was alone as he walked through the apartment door this morning, I came out from under the bed where I usually hide when Lay-dee visits. I let Big Daddy pet me and scratch my belly in my pink scratcher box. When he stopped, I meowed my loud, demanding meow. My belly was NOT done being scratched. (note to self: BD needs more training)

Big Daddy took my picture and sent it to Lay-dee on his phone. Lay-dee was mad about the petting and the scratching. She said I only liked Big Daddy because we were both very judgy. She said we should start our own judgy club. Lay-dee is so immature.
And then they were gone.
I saw the suitcase being packed. I saw the plants being watered. I saw the blinds being lowered.
I never saw my carrier.
I should have known
As the door shut behind Big Daddy and Maddie, I turned around and saw quite a lot of extra food in my bowl. This was not normal.
I stared at the apartment.
I stared at the shadows
from the lowered
I was all alone.
Signed, Pinky Ruth

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