Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Pinky Ruth #96

I had spent a lovely day eating plastic, throwing up plastic and chasing a frozen pea across the floor for 9 minutes. But I experienced true shock when Maddie told me the news.

Maddie informed that Lay-dee has been taking advantage of me. Apparently, I have a presence on the internet that I was previously unaware of. And now, I am told, Lay-dee has taken it upon herself to archive my previous writings, thoughts and experiences. This is yet another reason why she will never be my favorite. A refined lady, such as myself, would prefer to have a certain mystery that surrounds and follows her.

I would like to state for the record that I am greviously disturbed that my most private and vulnerable experiences have been exposed to tens of people for "entertainment" purposes and also, appallingly, for some outlandish, unreasonable hope of personal gain for Lay-dee.

I am a strong, independent Pinky Ruth and I will not be taken advantage of.

I have contacted my lawyers.

Signed, Pinky Ruth, disturbed

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(I have finally finished putting all of the Pinky Ruth posts onto my blog. If you want to read them all, they can be reached at www.slightlyexaggerated.com The first post was on July 30, 2021. Eventually,  PR will have her own space.)

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Pinky Ruth #95

Maddie and I stayed at Lay-dee’s house for 5 days. I watched the kids and the crows from the front window, chewed on a bit of plastic Lay-dee did not hide well, and saw scary Mr. Naked out Lay-dee’s back window.

One uninvited hooligan, Max, even snuck into my room for a visit. I glared and half-heartedly growled at him from my softy window perch. Maddie made him leave.
I also saw the other hooligan, Stanley, when I went to steal his food. He stared blankly at me. He wobbled when he walked. Maddie had to lift him onto Lay-dee and Big Daddy’s bed. And then Maddie and Lay-dee took turns petting him. No one paid any attention to me. I didn’t even care about stealing the hooligan food anymore. I took one last look at the hooligan on the bed. Something wasn’t right and I didn't like it. I went and hid in the closet.
The next day he was gone. I looked for him on the bed. I looked in every room. I even looked downstairs. I’ve never seen Maddie, Lay-dee and Big Daddy look so sad. I didn’t like the crying. I went and hid under the bed for a day.
Maddie took this picture on the day I met the Stanley hooligan. I was never happy about the hooligans trying to be my friend. But now, my visits to Lay-dee’s house just won’t be the same without that little black cat, Stanley.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Pinky Ruth #94

I am sitting on the most comfortable, softy blanket, 2nd floor, suburban window perch that Lay-dee has ever created for me. She would like me to show my appreciation in a positive way.

Instead, I glared at her. I ate the treats she offered me and then hissed a few times until she went away. Lay-dee then called me a big poop. This is yet another reason why she will never be my favorite.
Thankfully, Maddie is here with me and this is not another Pinky Ruth "abandoned in the suburbs" story. Maddie has, however, been spending a lot of time with one of the elderly hooligans. Maddie says the hooligan might be dying.
I find myself saddened that the hooligan is no longer a healthy and equal adversary. Maddie gives good pets and always makes me feel better.
For now, the hooligan needs those Maddie pets more than I do.