Thursday, July 6, 2023

Pinky Ruth #95

Maddie and I stayed at Lay-dee’s house for 5 days. I watched the kids and the crows from the front window, chewed on a bit of plastic Lay-dee did not hide well, and saw scary Mr. Naked out Lay-dee’s back window.

One uninvited hooligan, Max, even snuck into my room for a visit. I glared and half-heartedly growled at him from my softy window perch. Maddie made him leave.
I also saw the other hooligan, Stanley, when I went to steal his food. He stared blankly at me. He wobbled when he walked. Maddie had to lift him onto Lay-dee and Big Daddy’s bed. And then Maddie and Lay-dee took turns petting him. No one paid any attention to me. I didn’t even care about stealing the hooligan food anymore. I took one last look at the hooligan on the bed. Something wasn’t right and I didn't like it. I went and hid in the closet.
The next day he was gone. I looked for him on the bed. I looked in every room. I even looked downstairs. I’ve never seen Maddie, Lay-dee and Big Daddy look so sad. I didn’t like the crying. I went and hid under the bed for a day.
Maddie took this picture on the day I met the Stanley hooligan. I was never happy about the hooligans trying to be my friend. But now, my visits to Lay-dee’s house just won’t be the same without that little black cat, Stanley.

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