Monday, April 24, 2023

Pinky Ruth #86

Maddie came home on time yesterday. They called for me the minute they entered the apartment. I stayed burrowed under the blankets. Maddie patted the blankets I was sleeping under and said, "I'm home Pinky Ruth! Come on out!" I stayed burrowed under the blankets. Maddie then threw back the blankets, forcing me to wake up. They gave me the pets and the scratches and said nice things to me.

Just when I had fully woken up, Maddie said, "Oh Pinky Ruth, I am so exhausted. We are going to nap SO hard!"
I stared at Maddie.
That is exactly what I was doing-
before the blankets were thrown back.
Of course, I did not stay angry with Maddie for very long. After all, napping SO hard is something cats love and something I am particularly good at. It did not take long at all before we were both sound asleep, burrowed under the covers--together again.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Pinky Ruth #85

I am now in the middle of the Pinky Ruth: Home Alone, part 2 adventure. To be completely transparent, I am not entirely alone. Karin did visit me today. It was nice to have company. Karin wanted me to sit with her on the couch. As much as I do like Karin, this was not an activity I was interested in.

But then I smelled the treats.
Karin held out her hand. I saw the treats. I ate the treats. And then Karin and I had a nice time together on the couch.
Apparently, I can be bought.
Karin told me Maddie would be home tomorrow.
I have heard this before.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Pinky Ruth #84

I had just recovered from my most recent abandonment ordeal only to watch my favorite Karin and my wonderful Maddie exchange keys again. I watched Maddie pack their suitcase. I rolled around in my scratcher box while Karin gave me the good scratches, telling me she would visit me tomorrow. And then, they both walked out the door.

They left me alone.
First, I shall look for plastic to eat. Second, I shall eat. Third, I shall judge the street below. Fourth, I shall spread all of the litter outside of the litter box. Fifth, I shall sleep in peace.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Pinky Ruth #83

My abandonment continued the following morning. Maddie never came home to me like Karin said they would. I waited by the door as long as I could. I was confused and crestfallen when I finally gave up and burrowed under the blankets on the bed.

When I woke up 13 hours later, I was still all alone. I was hungry and thirsty. I even considered drinking out of the toilet. As a discerning lady, I have never, ever stooped to the level of a lowly, common, feline toilet sipper. The longer my abandonment continued, however, the more attractive that dreaded toilet water became.
I missed Maddie terribly and wondered where they were. I wondered if they were missing me too. I missed Karin and wished she would visit me again. I even found myself missing Lay-dee. Lay-dee is not my favorite. But at least at Lay-dee's house, my water bowl is always full of delicious, filtered, suburban water system water.
I was at my lowest point when Maddie finally walked through the door. Maddie cuddled with me and I meowed my happy meows. Maddie then told me stories about buses that never left the station, expensive $850 flights, and suspicious packages shutting down trains. They had been stranded in Spokane!
Maddie said, "Oh Pinky Ruth! You have no idea what I've been through!" I quickly jumped down from their lap. Our happy reunion cuddle time was over. I loudly meowed back, "What YOU have been through? I came THIS close to drinking toilet water!"
But then they gave me food and water, clean litter, and the good behind the ear scratching. So we are friends again.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Pinky Ruth #82

When Maddie's friend Karin arrived early today I was sulking under the blankets. I had, without my consent, spent another lonely night alone. Maddie always cuddles with me before bed and tells me how pretty I am and how smart I am and gives me my favorite behind-the-ear bedtime scratch. This has not happened for a few days, I was fully committed to staying under the blankets in protest of this unexpected and unwelcome abandonment. But then, I heard Karin put some food in my bowl.

So I came out to eat.
Karin tried to play with me. But, she threw the crinkle butterfly in the wrong place. I judged her for this, stared at her blankly, and refused to move. I could see that I hurt her feelings though. So when she swung the wand rope in front of my face I tried to grab it with my giant paw.

I sit here tonight, waiting by the door. Karin told me Maddie would be home tonight. I hear noises in the hallway. I hear people walking by the door. None of them stop outside my door. None of them put their key in the door knob. None of them are Maddie.
I have no food.
I refuse to drink out of the toilet.
My litter box is getting fragrant.
And I am as lonely as I have ever been.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Pinky Ruth #81

I was perched on my cat post in front of the window for the entire day. I was searching the streets below for Maddie. They didn't come out of the light rail station. They didn't get off of any of the buses. I never saw them walk up the street, look up to our window and wave to me.

I stayed on watch most of the day. I stayed awake most of the day. Yet, Maddie never came home to me. This was not our routine. I like to sleep all day. Maddie likes to come home to me.
I finally acknowledged my lamentable circumstances and jumped down from my 5th-floor perch. I was discouraged, tired, and alone. Karin found me flopped over in my scratcher box when she arrived to visit me. I felt comforted because Karin was there. Karin gave me pets, fed me, and tried to play with me.
But I was tired. I had been on watch all day. My Maddie was gone and I

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Pinky Ruth #80

Maddie is gone. They packed up their important things, gave me extra hugs, and walked out the apartment door. From my 5th floor perch, I watched them leave the building and head toward the light rail station.

I immediately set out to find any speck of plastic that Maddie forgot to hide from me. I found none. Unfortunately, they are well aware of my desire to eat all things plastic. I was forced to sleep away my day, all by myself.
I was lounging in my scratcher box this evening when the door to the apartment suddenly opened. Karin walked in. She is my second favorite person after Maddie. I let Karin rub my belly as much as she wanted to. Karin gave me treats and fed me my dinner. Karin even let me chase the light reflecting from her watch all over the apartment. Chasing lights is my second favorite thing to do after eating plastic.
I do miss my Maddie. I am glad Karin visited me today-otherwise, I might be a little bit lonely. For tonight though, I will burrow under the blankets and enjoy all the warm and cozy I can get.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Pinky Ruth #79

In the last week, I have watched leaves and dirt and floaty specks of roof gunk rain down in front of my 5th-floor window perch. My head swung from side to side, up and down, and all around as I attempted to follow all the chaos that was falling in front of my window.

I have watched the track kids and the soccer kids at the high school next door. I have come to the conclusion that they are being punished. There is no other explanation for why they are running so much.
I have watched dog after dog proudly parade around the neighborhood in their fancy raincoats-their front ends and their back ends wet with rain. I would like to point out that I watch them from my cozy 5th-floor perch where all sides of me are dry and warm.
I have also watched Maddie pack their backpack with clothes and toothpaste. I have watched them organize their work papers and pack their computer. I have even watched Maddie clean and refill my litter box and tidy up our apartment.
I have not watched Maddie pack my food, my toys, my softy bed, or my extra litter box. I have not heard Maddie make plans with Lay-dee.
This is not normal.
I am a bit confused.
I will now retreat to my closet fort hiding place and pretend that nothing is wrong.