Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Pinky Ruth #80

Maddie is gone. They packed up their important things, gave me extra hugs, and walked out the apartment door. From my 5th floor perch, I watched them leave the building and head toward the light rail station.

I immediately set out to find any speck of plastic that Maddie forgot to hide from me. I found none. Unfortunately, they are well aware of my desire to eat all things plastic. I was forced to sleep away my day, all by myself.
I was lounging in my scratcher box this evening when the door to the apartment suddenly opened. Karin walked in. She is my second favorite person after Maddie. I let Karin rub my belly as much as she wanted to. Karin gave me treats and fed me my dinner. Karin even let me chase the light reflecting from her watch all over the apartment. Chasing lights is my second favorite thing to do after eating plastic.
I do miss my Maddie. I am glad Karin visited me today-otherwise, I might be a little bit lonely. For tonight though, I will burrow under the blankets and enjoy all the warm and cozy I can get.

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