Friday, March 18, 2022

Pinky Ruth #36

Lay-dee and Big Daddy woke me up in the middle of the night. I watched from the window as they both left in their cars when it was very dark out. I, of course, went back to sleep.

I was sitting in my pink scratcher box when Lay-dee came home. I was perfectly situated in a big sun patch. Lay-dee took my picture and then reached out to pet me (without my permission, by the way). My sun patch suddenly disappeared. Maddie said that a cloud must have blocked the sun. I found it to be very suspicious.
A few hours later, Lay-dee came for another visit. I had found another sun patch and was quite content lounging and warming my fur. The very minute (!) Lay-dee entered the room my sun patch AGAIN, suddenly disappeared. All the warmth and the cozy and the joy in my life at that moment were gone.
Maddie and Lay-dee laughed. I didn't know what was so funny. Lay-dee smiled at me and told me she was ALL POWERFUL and could even control the sun. Maddie told me that my sun patch losses were just a coincidence.
I am now forced to consider this question: Does Lay-dee actually have superpowers?

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