Thursday, March 24, 2022

Pinky ruth #42

Sooo......I did a thing last night. Lay-dee was sleeping with me. (So I don't get lonely...blah, blah, whatever.) I jumped up onto the end of the bed and settled in near Lay-dee's feet. I could tell she was so excited she could barely contain herself. I refused to look directly at her though. I was trying to send the message to Lay-dee that she needed to chill and not make a big deal about this.

She took pictures.
This morning, I watched from the window as Lay-dee was struggling, panicked, trying to scrape the ice off of her car. My internal cat clock said that she did indeed leave a bit late today. I was glad to be nice and warm as I judged her from inside the house. This afternoon, a rascal cat came into my room, laid down in my pink scratcher box, and stunk it all up with his smell. I was not happy and we had a stare-off for a few minutes before Lay-dee made him leave. I am counting that as a win for me.
I escaped this evening to my, now not-so-secret, hiding place on the Rubbermaid underneath Big Daddy's shirts. I am not sound asleep though. It is dinner time for me and so far I have not heard it arrive in my bowl.

I wait.


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