Saturday, March 12, 2022

Pinky Ruth #33

I am very efficient in the litter box. I cover my business. And then I cover it again and again. And again. And for good measure, I try to spread as much litter as I can over the bathroom floor to share with Maddie.

A few weeks ago a covered litter box showed up. Maddie put it next to my regular box. It is much harder to share my litter with Maddie and cover the bathroom floor with this box. However, in the last few weeks, I have taken to peeing in the covered box and pooping in my old uncovered box. I will reluctantly tell you that I was starting to find the privacy of the covered box refreshing. I was considering abandoning my old box and using the new box exclusively.
But then I heard Lay-dee's voice on the speaker on Maddie's phone. I heard Lay-dee say, "She is STILL using both boxes? Does she think she is a queen? I guess you'll have to bring both boxes next week when she comes."
I am now hiding in a dark closet, coming to terms with the fact that it looks like I might have to go to Lay-dee's house again.
For now, I have no more to say.

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