Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Pinky Ruth #40

I was quite amused last night when one of Lay-dee's rascal hooligan cats tried to break into my room. I watched from one side of the door as he meowed pathetically from the other. He stuck his little paws underneath the door and I had to give him a big whomp with my giant paws.

I tried to sleep under the covers most of the day. Lay-dee still insisted on scratching my head every hour or so. I think she is very good at the scratchin' but she must never ever know that I feel this way. She opened the windows in my room this afternoon. She pulled back the covers and told me that I should start sniffing the fresh air. I did spend some time in the windows and watched two very loud crows on the light pole.
I ended the day by giving Lay-dee a heart attack. She came upstairs to give me my hourly scratches and she couldn't find me anywhere. I heard her calling my name. She checked every room in the house but still couldn't find me. Lay-dee finally found me in her bedroom closet. I was curled up on some stacked Rubbermaid containers and was hidden by all of Big Daddy's shirts. Lay-dee was so relieved to find me. She told me I was her silly ding-dong girl who was very good at hiding.
I think Lay-dee is the ding dong.

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