Saturday, March 26, 2022

Pinky Ruth #44

My favorite thing to do in the entire world is to eat plastic. My second favorite thing is to have my fur brushed. Lay-dee started brushing my fur this morning. I gave her a chance to see if she could do it the right way like Maddie does. After the first few brushes did not upset me, I stretched my neck out and let Lay-dee brush my cheeks, my head and my neck. Eventually, I let her graduate to my entire belly. But then, I smelled it. Nasty rascal hooligan cat smell. I pulled my head back in shock and started aggressively sniffing the brush.

'Oh Lay-dee......." I thought. "What HAVE you done?"
I soon realized that Lay-dee had just brushed me with her smelly rascal cats' brush. I couldn't have been more offended and my hiss expressed my displeasure. It took me over half an hour of licking my fur to get it pristine, beautiful and smelling like me again.
I managed to find a new hiding place today. Lay-dee and Big Daddy spent quite a long time looking for me. They must have walked by me a dozen times, calling out my name the entire time. I stayed silent. Finally, Lay-dee noticed that there was a roundish shape in the blankets of her unmade bed that were hanging on the floor. She poked my bum. I let out a tiny mee-yew. My new secret hiding spot had been discovered.
The window is open in my room this evening. The smells are good. The boy across the street isn't falling off of his skateboard anymore. He goes fast up the street. A lady mowed her lawn. A man is cleaning out his garage. This is very different than my usual 5th floor window city views. I miss those views. I miss my home. Lay-dee told me that Maddie is coming home tomorrow but it will be after dark when I get to see them. Lay-dee told me to pray the airplane works like it is supposed to.

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