Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Pinky Ruth #41

I was in the window when Lay-dee got home from work this morning. She stood in the driveway, called my name out loud, and waved to me for over a minute. I was so embarrassed for her.

Lay-dee rushed into the house, charged up the stairs, and opened the door to my room. "My Pinky Ruth darlin'!" she shouted. "I'm here to give you some good pets." I wasted no time jumping down from the window and hiding under the bed. Lay-dee overwhelms me. She tries too hard. She got on her knees and peeked at me under the bed. I saw her face. I saw how disappointed she was. She held out her hand for me to sniff. She told me what a good girl I was.
And then she left me alone.
Later in the day, Lay-dee fed me my food, changed both of my litter boxes, refreshed all 3 of my water bowls, and fluffed all 4 of the sleeping spots she made for me. She sat on the floor and wiggled my crinkle butterfly. She twirled my rainbow string. She zig-zagged the flashlight against the wall. She did all of these things the wrong way. She didn't do them like my missing Maddie
But I tried.
I played with the butterfly and the string. I chased the flashlight light on the wall. I ate and peed and laid down in the closet fort Lay-dee made for me. I tried. Lay-dee perked up a bit. She smiled at me and told me what a good girl I was. She told me Maddie would be home Sunday night.
I sure hope Sunday is soon.

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