Monday, March 21, 2022

Pinky Ruth #39

I had an exhausting morning. I monitored the kids walking to school. They seemed unable to do this orderly or quietly. I then supervised the worker man across the street. He was taking down old gutters and putting up new ones. The old gutters made a very loud noise when they were thrown to the ground. His saw also made a screeching sound every time he used it. I judged all of these things to be very annoying.

I finally crawled under the covers to get some peace and quiet. I intended to sleep the rest of the afternoon. Lay-dee kept peeking under the covers. She said my name in a nice soft voice, gently petted me, and scratched behind my ears. She annoyed me as much as the gutter man did. She thinks I'm depressed because I want to sleep so much.
This is yet another reason why she is not my favorite. Does she not know that this is what cats do? We like to sleep. A lot. I wish she would leave me alone.
When Big Daddy came home I jumped right out from under the covers, ate some food, used my litter box and drank from my fountain. I let him pet me and scratch behind my ears. Lay-dee seemed annoyed.


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