Friday, November 18, 2022

Pinky Ruth #72

Judging the events that occur below my 5th-floor viewing perch is one of the most important parts of my day. There are crows pecking in the dirt at the lot next door. There are busses stopping and going-people on, people off. There are bikes and cars and dogs. The dogs are constantly told they are "good dogs" because they wait outside the coffee shop until their neglectful owner returns. Maddie would never leave me alone outside of a coffee shop.

Last week I even saw teenagers from the high school walking with signs. They shouted that they wanted to learn without getting shot. Today, I found a bug in my viewing window. I chased it for 5 minutes before I killed it and left it for Maddie to dispose of.
You can see from this photo that my very important judging perch is being encroached upon by Maddie's plant obsession. Today, I maybe, "accidentally" nudged a plant. I needed more space and wanted a better view.
Maddie said, "Oh, Pinky Ruth, next week you'll have so many plant-free windows to look out of at Lay-dee's house."
My own plant-crowded window perch>>>10 of Lay-dee's plant-free windows
I withdraw my complaint.

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