Friday, November 25, 2022

Pinky Ruth #75

I chatter yelled at the crow through the car window. "Hey! I'm Pinky Ruth from the city! I know some city crows. Are you related to them?" The distracted suburban crow never looked my way. They just kept eating a french fry from the Dairy Queen.

This visit to Lay-dee's house has been almost relaxing. It is because Maddie did not dump me here and run off on some adventure. We are still able to cuddle every night.
I have also easily exerted my dominance over Lay-dee's elderly rascal hooligan cats. I have eaten their junk cat food, I have peed in their litter box, and I have watched birds from their favorite window perch. I even wandered downstairs into their territory and was completely unopposed.
The delightful realization that I might now be the feline sovereign of Lay-dee's house quickly turned to a bit of concern. Why does the black hooligan look so sad and old? Why does the other crazy hooligan look so skinny? What has happened to my hooligan adversaries?

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