Monday, November 21, 2022

Pinky Ruth #73

Maddie said, "Lay-dee is excited to see you this week, Pinky Ruth! Lay-dee wants to know what you are doing right now."
The disgusted look on my face reflects the fact that I was suddenly woken by the phrase, "Lay-dee wants a picture of you."
I then laid my head down in the standard semi-serious feline depressive pose. As I anticipate my inevitable "holiday at Lay-dee's" adventure, I wish for 3 things.

1. I want to find that softy Bob the Builder blanket spread out on the end of Maddie's bed.
2. I want my closet fort to be repaired so that it will not collapse on me and try to kill me.
3. I want Lay-dee's rascal hooligan cats to respect the Pinky Ruth. Lay-dee's elderly kittymen need to keep their visits to an amicable, respectful sniffing session in my room. And then, they need to leave.
That is all the suburban hooligan friendship I anticipate needing.
Signed, Pinky Ruth

#nophotosplease #bobthebuilderrocks #nohooligansallowed #friendshipisoverrated 

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