Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Pinky Ruth #71

My last few blissful days at Lay-dee and Big Daddy's house were quite wonderful! (Lay-dee made me write that. I'd actually give a weak 5 out of 10 rating to my feline hostage "vacation" accommodations.)

During my last few days, I did manage an epic zoomie session that touched all corners of the upstairs of Lay-dee's house. Lay-dee finally walked upstairs and asked me, "Pinky Ruth, do you have the zoomies?"

I stared at her, dumbfounded at how she could even question my epic zoomie run. In my head, however, I said, "You are either really, really dumb or you have got to start paying attention!"
I spent a lot of time downstairs as well. I sat in all of the treadmill room windows. I even became brave enough to look out of one of the living room windows. The two hooligans were watching me but I ignored them.
My last day was ruined when the black and white hooligan jumped me in my own room. There was a lot of screaming. I beat the heck out of that elderly kitty boy with my giant paw. When it was over, the hooligan was in a very long time out behind closed doors. Lay-dee and Big Daddy were quite distraught. And I was free to do whatever I wanted to for the rest of my stay. Because, as a guest, Lay-dee said, one should not be pummeled by an elderly hooligan.
I am now, finally, home. I have not left Maddie's side for a day and a half. We shall cuddle as long as they will let me. Because there is no place like home. I should know.

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