Friday, August 5, 2022

Pinky Ruth #64

I have arrived at Lay-dee's house for a short weekend imprisonment. Maddie is not here. Big Daddy picked me up and we drove in very slow rush hour traffic listening to Bryan Adams music. I hardly complained at all. I like Big Daddy. I like it when the car moves slower. And now, everyone thinks I also like Bryan Adams.

Parts of Lay-dee's house are covered in plastic-even the floor! Maddie says my only fault is that I love to eat plastic. It's true. I do LOVE the taste of anything plastic and eagerly try to gobble it up before I am caught. But, I have been made very aware that my plastic eating addiction is not considered acceptable Pinky Ruth behavior.
So...I'm not sure what kind of sick game Lay-dee is playing! She has surrounded me with copious amounts of delicious plastic! But then she says she will watch me constantly to make sure I don't eat any of it. I don't think naive Lay-dee knows the lengths addicts will go to for a quick fix.

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