Saturday, August 27, 2022

Pinky Ruth #66

My Maddie has abandoned me at Lay-dee's house. Again.

I swiped my giant paw at Lay-dee when she tried to pet me. Lay-dee said, "You'd better settle yourself down missy because we have a long 10 days together and we ARE going to be friends."
Oh, Lay-dee...we shall see.
In my first 24 hours, I refused to "settle" down for the night when Lay-dee wanted me to, where Lay-dee wanted me to, and how Lay-dee wanted me to. Possibly, supposedly, maybe I disrupted the nighttime routine of Lay-dee and her two hooligan cats. Not Big Daddy though. He told Lay-dee that she should just leave me alone because I was a big girl who knew what I wanted and that I would be fine. I love Big Daddy.
Lay-dee has also "lost" me twice since Maddie left. I am very proud that I have found two new secret closet hiding places. I do enjoy hearing the panic in Lay-dee's voice, calling for me and not being able to find me.
I have also pretended to be a friendly, talkative gal when I saw some benefits. Lay-dee was so convinced that I had suddenly become fond of her that she gave me a few treats that I know Maddie would not approve of.
I go to bed when I want, I wander wherever I want to in this house and I am able to convince Lay-dee to give me treats. I'd say Big Daddy is right. I am a big girl and I do know what I want--and apparently--I know exactly how to get it.

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