Sunday, August 28, 2022

Pinky Ruth #67

I have been enjoying some window stalking of a most confident neighborhood tabby cat, from my new second-story, suburban, window perch. I have followed their moves. I know their patterns. I have been judging this tabby as I, literally, have peered down on them from above for the last few days.

Today, this tabby parked itself under a tree across the street. It was howling. A squirrel in the tree was screaming, afraid for it's life, I suppose. The tabby kept, halfway, somewhat, threatening to climb the tree to attack. The squirrel kept screaming louder.
I was most amused, waiting to see the outcome of this standoff. It was then, to my surprise, I saw Lay-dee, in all of her glory, sprint across the street. She hissed at the tabby, "Get out of here! Go back home!" Lay-dee yelled at the squirrel, "Hold on buddy, you're gonna be ok!"
Oh Lay-dee!!
She might have ruined the most exciting part of my day or even my week! She scared that tabby cat enough that they ran out of my judging viewing zone. That silly squirrel continued to scream for way longer than was necessary. Lay-dee came back in my room and petted me in the window.
Lay-dee said, "Did you see, my Pinky Ruth darlin'? Did you see how I scared off that mean kitty cat?"

I said, "I saw how you ran across the street and ruined the only good suburban window action I've seen in the last three days."

Lay-dee said, "Oh Pinky Ruth, I love you too! I told you we could be friends!"

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