Monday, July 4, 2022

Pinky Ruth #63

I did need a few extra cuddles from Maddie last night after being nearly crushed by Lay-dee's defective closet fort. I have clearly proven that I am a very brave cat. But, I am also very smart. That is why I slept the entire night last night in that very same closet fort. I decided that the closet fort was the safest sleeping location in the entire house. All of the shelves had already fallen and the remnants were removed. The only thing left in that closet was my cozy, soft, and private sleeping area. I slept, safe and content, like a newborn kitten, all night long.
In the morning I wandered to each open window, upstairs AND downstairs, sniffing the outside smells and soaking up the warm morning sun. But then I heard the noise of Maddie packing my things. I knew this meant I would have to ride in the car. I barricaded myself under the bed, behind the giant chess board, and in front of the oversized Take Off board game. Despite my recent bravery, I was not in the mood for an unpleasant car ride.
And if Maddie and Lay-dee and Big Daddy hadn't taken the mattress off of the bed and shut the bedroom door so I couldn't escape, I'd still be hiding behind that giant chess board. Instead, I was ruthlessly captured and forced to ride back to the city apartment in the car with Big Daddy. I complained a lot of course, which I am very good at. Maddie finally played me some Brandi Carlile music which calmed me down. It works every time.
I am now home, happily sniffing the city smells and soaking up the city sun. And for now, that's all the excitement I am looking for.

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