Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Pinky Ruth #25

Big Daddy and Lay-dee took Loud Nerf Gun Boy back to his college this morning. Those rascal hooligan cats slept away the entire day. Maddie and I had the whole house to ourselves.

This was my moment.

I jumped up on the ledge that overlooks the living room. Maddie took my picture so there would be proof that I was now the queen of the manor, above everyone. I then had two major zoomie sessions-going in and out of every room as fast as I could. I also found a plastic bag in the bathroom. I chewed on this tasty treat for a few minutes before Maddie took it away from me.
Maddie has told me we are going home tomorrow and I am very glad. I am going to go to bed early tonight. I will need my energy tomorrow to complain meow the entire car ride home.

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