Monday, December 20, 2021

Pinky Ruth #19

I tried to avoid my capture by hiding under the bed. 5 minutes later I was sitting on Maddie's lap heading south on I-5. Lay-dee kept reaching over from her driver's seat to scratch the top of my head. I think Lay-dee needed to put both hands on the wheel, but she is a really good scratcher so I did not protest.

Lay-dee's car stopped next to a King County Solid Waste Division semi-truck at a stoplight. I stared for a long time at the man driving the truck. He looked down at me in Lay-dee's tiny car. He smiled at me and then started laughing. Maddie saw me staring and looked up at the man in the truck. They said I must have made him happy because he was laughing so hard his shoulders were shaking. Maddie said he probably doesn't see cats as charming as me very often at stoplights.
When we got to Lay-dee and Big Daddy's house the hooligan rascal cats left me alone. I made my rounds upstairs and then sat down next to the toys Maddie brought for me to play with. Lay-dee tried to play with me but did it all the wrong way. She tied my rainbow string to my crinkle butterfly. Then she kept swinging the tied-up butterfly in my face. This is not the way to play with my butterfly. And just because I jumped and leaped all over the room trying to grab it does not mean I was enjoying myself. Well, at least I won't let Lay-dee know that.
Big Daddy finally came to pet me later while I was in the window surveying the neighborhood. He let me sniff his hand and then he tried to pet me. I hissed at him because he should have greeted me the moment I arrived...not 3 hours later.
Lay-dee seems very happy about this development. But Pinky Ruth will NOT be an afterthought. Big Daddy just needed a little reminder as to how a lady should be treated.

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