Saturday, December 25, 2021

Pinky Ruth #22

Today was another good day for me. Everyone slept for quite a long time which made me very happy because that is my favorite thing to do.

But then, there was a lot of noise and commotion downstairs. I heard the family saying, "Thank you! I love it!" Maddie kept saying, "Make sure all of the plastic is cleaned up. Pinky Ruth loves plastic and will try to eat it all."
They are right. Plastic is delicious. I would walk downstairs past those rascal hooligan cats to get a chance to eat some plastic. I'd even settle for a little bit of bubble wrap.
I've been letting Lay-dee pet me and scratch my head. I even started purring once. Of course, she now thinks we have a special bond and brags about it to Big Daddy.
And finally, I spent some time today looking at the falling snow outside of Lay-dee's house. Her yard is now fluffy and white. Maddie tells me it is very pretty. It should be. It looks just like me. Fluffy and white and pretty.

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