Sunday, May 28, 2023

Pinky Ruth #92

Day 4 of my holiday kidnapping: I am less cranky today. I didn't hiss at Lay-dee once. I am always very tempted, however, each time she wants to chit-chat. I think Lay-dee needs someone to talk to because she is all alone with the hooligans and me for 5 days. She seems to have a lot to say in the last few days. Please just let me sleep Lay-dee. I believe I can speak for all felines--we rate our desire to sleep much greater than our desire to listen to your lonely Lay-dee incessant babbling.

I expanded my exploration of the upstairs today. I peed in the hooligans' litter box-a kidnapping tradition. I even jumped up on a desk and smelled every single thing I could. I thought I smelled a plastic flower that I could eat, but it turned out to be crepe paper.
I finally sat in the front window for a short time. I saw and heard a lot of power washing and lawn mowing and kids screaming. I soon retreated to the solace of my closet fort to get some peace and quiet. Now if only chatterbox Lay-dee stays away, I will finally get the 20 hours of sleep that I need.

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