Friday, May 5, 2023

Pinky Ruth #88

Today is my 10th birthday. Maddie has told me I am getting a crinkle play tunnel for my birthday gift. I would like to offer the following gift suggestions for those of you who have yet to acknowledge my big day.

1. A birthday cake made entirely of plastic that Maddie will not take away from me.
2. A giant disco ball that will constantly reflect light that I can chase whenever I am feeling frisky.
3. A switch to turn off the apartment building fire alarm. It is loud and scary and there has never actually been a fire. (That one guy on the 6th floor didn't burn his curry enough to justify me leaving my blanket fort.)
4. A lifetime supply of the food that Lay-dee's elderly hooligan cats eat. It is much tastier than my kidney diet food.
5. Homes for all of the cats living in shelters. When Maddie found me I was facing backwards in my shelter cage. I was so lonely and confused. I would not even raise my head to look at Maddie when they tried to talk to me. I was 6 years old and I didn't understand why my first family left me alone at the shelter.
And then, Maddie took me home and everything changed for me.
Today, I am 10 years old. Today, I will cuddle under the cozy blankets with Maddie for as long as I want to. I will get some good ear-scratching. Maddie will tell me what a good cat I am. And I will purr. Perhaps, this is the best birthday gift of all.

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