Saturday, December 31, 2022

Pinky Ruth #78

I was confident during my last few days of forced holiday merriment at Lay-dee's house. Lay-dee gave me special catnip with some sort of extra ingredient in it. While I was very, very interested in exploring this catnip experience, I kept my cool while Lay-dee was watching. I didn't want her to think I liked what she gave me.

I was also quite interested in the smell of bows and ribbon and tape. Plastic is my favorite. These other wrapping things are my second favorite. I was, unfortunately, unsuccessful in snatching some Christmas wrapping for a little snack. I suspect Maddie and Lay-dee might be on to me.
I came downstairs, following Maddie, quite a few times. I am coming to believe that I am the feline boss of Lay-dee's house when I am there. Those elderly hooligan cats no longer present a challenge to me. In fact, there was a second incident this trip of a hooligan peeing in a box that was not a designated litter box.
I claim no responsibility.
I have been back in my 5th floor city perch for the last day. I am happy to be home. But I am also hoping Maddie will spot me a little of Lay-dee's special catnip. Don't tell Lay-dee, but that was pretty good stuff.

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