Sunday, December 25, 2022

Pinky Ruth #77

I happily watched the cars and people slide all over the Seattle streets from my 5th floor perch. I was cozy and happy and amused.

It was then that Lay-dee showed up and facilitated my holiday transfer to the suburbs. Upon arrival, I quickly established my dominance over the elderly hooligan cats. Lay-dee speculates that my presence has caused an elderly hooligan to pee in a shoe box that was not a designated litter box.
I think not.
I have spent more time than normal hiding underneath Lay-dee's bed. 1. There has been some cranky hissing between the hooligans and I. 2. The loud boy has arrived. 3. Maddie has removed my favorite, hooligans', special delicious, not healthy food. All of this has caused me to experience stress during this supposedly joyous holiday time.
Finally, I was snatched from my underbed hideout and forced to pose for a picture-downstairs, with the loud boy, while Lay-dee kept screaming at me, "Smile Pinky Ruth, smile!!!!!"
This has not been a happy holiday time for me.

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