Sunday, August 8, 2021

Pinky Ruth #10

 I sat up in my rocking chair and meowed when I heard Maddie come through the door. I was very happy to see Maddie but I wasn't going to let them know that. I put on my judgy angry face for a while to let her know I wasn't happy I was left for 10 days. Once Maddie went to bed though I jumped up for a nice cuddle, despite not having our usual softy blanket.

This morning I wandered the house like I own it. I've jumped in all of the windows and have meowed happy confident meows. Lay-dee keeps saying I have an awful lot to say today. She is right. I have so many stories to tell Maddie. Maddie is packing our stuff up and has told me we are going back to the city. They told me I have to get in my carrier and ride in the car for an hour. This is reason to put on my judgy angry face again.
Tonight I'll be back on my cat post overlooking the city from the 5th floor. Tonight I'll have my sofa, my basket and my softy blanket-all my favorite sleeping spots.
My adventure is over. I know I won't miss those hooligan cats. I probably won't miss loud Nerf gun boy or Lay-dee that much. I might miss Big Daddy a little bit. But for certain, I will definitely miss my snake.
Signed, Pinky Ruth, survivor

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