Thursday, August 5, 2021

Pinky Ruth #7

I've lived with Lay-dee and Big Daddy for a week now and I still wish my mom Maddie would come home. But, I've stopped sulking and in fact, had a major case of the zoomies last night. I ended my zoomie run with a jump onto the table in front of the window. Unfortunately, I slid on the towel Lay-dee had put on the table. Lay-dee said I would be docked a few tenths on my score due to the bobble on my landing. (Like she knows anything about zoomie scoring.) I let that loud Nerf gun boy pet me last night but I don't trust him one bit. The highlight of the night though was Big Daddy. Every cat should have someone who looks at them like Big Daddy looks at me. He always scratches my belly just right. Before I went to bed I chased a few more moths on the window screens.

It was garbage day today so I had a lot of things to look at from my window perch. I'm a little scared of the trucks but I love to sit up high and judge the crows. They think they are so smart. A few dogs walked by. Why do they ALWAYS feel the need to bark? I feel there should always be some mystery as to how I am feeling. I also saw a squirrel fall off of the fence because he was dumb. Lay-dee says he just lost his balance running too fast. I knocked a few tenths off of his squirrel score. Before I took my afternoon nap I let Lay-dee give me the good rubbins.

I figured it was time to throw her a bone. She scratched my head, ears, and belly and then brushed the rest of my fur. She then complained about how much fur was flying around the room and how she would need to vacuum. This kind of ruined the moment for me. Lay-dee now thinks that I love her though. She called me her precious little pumpkin. Sigh.
Signed, PRPLP (Pinky Ruth, Precious Little Pumpkin)

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