Thursday, June 9, 2022

Pinky Ruth #57

I have been violated.

I was plopped into my carrying case and hauled across the street to the veterinarian. I'd call her the nice vet lady, but I can't. Because only bad things happen when I see them.
When I got inside the door, I watched a dog jumping up and down on the scale. I sent a very judgy look his way. I mean, really, just stand still man! What dogs need is more self-control.
I came home with a bandage on my leg.
I can barely function.
It itches.
It annoys.
I don't know whether I am more distraught or more embarrassed with my current predicament. I heard Maddie talk to Lay-dee about my teeth on the phone. The vet person DID look at my teeth. (And poked my leg.) I heard her tell the helper person holding me,
"Yes, it is time."
For now I am solely focused on removing this bandage from my leg.
With my teeth.

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