Friday, April 8, 2016

Girl Gone Wild

It is now a forgotten, tranquil time.  It was a time when the two sisters could still lay claim to an impeccable reputation.  

The two girls always stayed inside their home, rarely peeking out in an improper manner. Certainly, they were considered well behaved.   

The girls had never gone wild.

And then, one of the girls got sick.

People felt sorry for the sick girl and started giving her attention. She was the topic of conversation everywhere she went. Curious, caring people wanted to see the girl and asked her to come outside.  

The people, sometimes strangers, wanted to touch the girl.   
So they would know,
what it felt like,

to be


She was seen uncovered at the park by the lake.  A flash of white was seen in the checkout line at the grocery store.  A ample amount of flesh showed up on the neighbor’s front porch. Most shockingly, she was inappropriately visible, without care, at various local high school functions.  With reluctant acquiescence, forced by social necessity, she was modest and coy no more.

The girl had gone friendly.

The caring people asked her how she knew.  They asked her if it was her fault. They even had the answers. They said they knew the reasons. They were sure of the cure.

It all affected her.

The sick sister went to visit all those who might give her hope.  She went to all the smart people that her insurance company deemed reputable and worthy of partial payment. She had become detached from her comfort zone and complacent about protecting it.  She refused the cotton gown, finding it meaningless. Without any hesitation or internal debate, she flung herself out
to anyone who
wanted to

and FEEL


8 doctors looked at the girl.  
5 specialists touched the girl.
11 professional healers talked amongst themselves about the girl.
3 laboratories thought they knew all about the girl.

They did the analyses that the geniuses do.

The girl wasn’t phased.  
She was DEAD to the attention.
She was no longer in control.

Since she,
got sick,
since she left home,

she had become a


The sick sister fought the "battle" with a

positive attitude!

This is how those who watch from afar think that it happened. This is how those who took an interest told her to


the sickness.

This is how you win,
they say.  

And if you pray a lot and follow the Google advice, then you will be


It’s very simple, the healing.
They know that for sure.

She came home, eventually.  The people, the system, they had lost interest.  
The healthy sister was appalled at what had gone on.  

SHE had shown herself.
She had gone WILD.  
None of this was in their life plan.

They were now enveloped in so much vulnerable, covered over by so much uncertain.

You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen and done,

The sick sister said.

I am so glad it’s over,

The healthy sister said.

“But it’s not.  They still want us both to die.”

“Who?  The sickness or the doctors?”


The sisters now wait.
For the good.  
Or the bad.  
For the future



Unknown said...

Wow!... Just... Wow! Hugs! 💕

38sunflowers said...

Profound Melissa, your words touched my heart.
fondly, Hazel (Jim's wife)