Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pinky Ruth #12

They told me at the worst time.

I was content. I had found a box lid and was in the middle of a perfectly wonderful, Monday night, Fits and Sits session.
Maddie took one look at me and chuckled. They shook their head back and forth, took a few photos, and then dropped a couple of truth bombs on me.
Maddie said, “Pinky Ruth, you are doing a great job sitting but I’m not sure you are fitting!”
And then they added, slyly I might add, “Next week Pinky Ruth, we are going to visit Lay-dee and Big Daddy for Thanksgiving!”
When I heard these things, I was no longer content.
First of all, I fit in that box lid just fine.
Second of all, I thought I had served my time last summer when Maddie left me with Lay-dee and Big Daddy for 10 days, 14 hours and 43 seconds.
Maddie assured me that this time they would stay with me the entire time and would sleep with me every night. This made me feel only slightly better. I know I’m going to have to encounter those rascals, those hooligan cats that Lay-dee has. I’m going to have to leave my closet fort. And I’m quite sure Lay-dee does not even have a fountain for me to drink out of like Maddie does.
I have a week to plan for my unfortunate, upcoming fate. But there are two things I already know. I intend to loudly voice my disapproval the entire time Maddie forces me to be in that unbearable and confining car ride to Lay-dee's house. And if one of those hooligan cats dares to come near me, I will use my giant paw to Take. Him. Out.
I do wonder about Big Daddy though. I hope he will still give me the nightly pets. I liked those.
Signed, Pinky Ruth #herewegoagain #fearthepaw

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