Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Pinky Ruth #14

 It is day 2 of my Thanksgiving captivity and it started out real rough. Big Daddy and Lay-dee's alarm went off at 4:30. Do they not know this is the middle of the night? (Have you seen photos of how pretty I am? Clearly, my beauty sleep is very important to me.) Big Daddy and Lay-dee then made far too much noise and commotion loading their cars in the pitch black darkness of the super early "morning". I jumped up in the window, looked down at them in the driveway, and showed them my angry, "woke up too early face". They just smiled and kept waving and pointing at me. I spent much of my time today burrowed under the covers recovering from this shockingly early wake-up and my car trip jet lag stress from yesterday. I also managed to watch the people across the street cleaning their garage, a few delivery drivers delivering packages, and school kids dragging their backpacks on the ground as they walked home. Sadly, I don't think any of them saw me looking at them. None of them looked up at me and smiled and waved and pointed like Big Daddy and Lay-dee did in the early morning.

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