Monday, July 4, 2022

Pinky Ruth #63

I did need a few extra cuddles from Maddie last night after being nearly crushed by Lay-dee's defective closet fort. I have clearly proven that I am a very brave cat. But, I am also very smart. That is why I slept the entire night last night in that very same closet fort. I decided that the closet fort was the safest sleeping location in the entire house. All of the shelves had already fallen and the remnants were removed. The only thing left in that closet was my cozy, soft, and private sleeping area. I slept, safe and content, like a newborn kitten, all night long.
In the morning I wandered to each open window, upstairs AND downstairs, sniffing the outside smells and soaking up the warm morning sun. But then I heard the noise of Maddie packing my things. I knew this meant I would have to ride in the car. I barricaded myself under the bed, behind the giant chess board, and in front of the oversized Take Off board game. Despite my recent bravery, I was not in the mood for an unpleasant car ride.
And if Maddie and Lay-dee and Big Daddy hadn't taken the mattress off of the bed and shut the bedroom door so I couldn't escape, I'd still be hiding behind that giant chess board. Instead, I was ruthlessly captured and forced to ride back to the city apartment in the car with Big Daddy. I complained a lot of course, which I am very good at. Maddie finally played me some Brandi Carlile music which calmed me down. It works every time.
I am now home, happily sniffing the city smells and soaking up the city sun. And for now, that's all the excitement I am looking for.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Pinky Ruth #62

Lay-dee's closet fort tried to kill me today.

I had a great morning. I snuck some of the hooligans' unhealthy food. I explored much of the downstairs without being bothered by a hooligan. And, back upstairs, I bravely perched up high on the 2nd floor half wall that overlooks all of downstairs. I then retreated to Lay-dee's closet fort for a quiet nap.
I was sound asleep when the top shelf pulled out of the wall. The shelf and the heavy bins that were on top of it came crashing down above me. I would be writing this from the hospital if the thundering mess hadn't come to rest on the middle shelf that was just above my head.
I was utterly frozen with fear. My eyes could not have been open any wider. My heart could not have been pounding any faster.
I was so scared.
Maddie, Lay-dee, and Big Daddy rushed in to rescue me. They removed the rubble that was precariously perched above me and was still quite unstable. I was finally able to slink a nervous, uncertain escape to underneath Maddie's bed.
Maddie has not left my side since this inexcusable debacle. They seem to be very worried about me.
Lay-dee keeps trying to feed me treats. She tells me that food will make me feel better.
Big Daddy has promised me a much sturdier, reengineered closet shelving system that will not only be indestructible but will be built to within +/- 10 thou of an inch precision. I am just hoping it will not try to crush me.
I used to believe that going to Lay-dee's house was the 3rd worse thing that could happen to me. (After being drugged by the vet and having an apartment fire alarm scare.) I am now moving staying at Lay-dee's house back up to #1. I am lucky to be alive.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Pinky Ruth #61

The hooligans stayed downstairs today. I was able to explore the entire upstairs in peace. I did let Big Daddy pet me. I had to complain, however, when he thought he was allowed to scratch my belly. Too soon, Big Daddy. Too soon. I then spent much of the day asleep under my favorite bed.

In the afternoon, I had some food and a quick cuddle with Maddie. I then retreated to the closet hideout that Lay-dee made for me. I reluctantly admit that I was comfortable, cozy, and content in this secret place. But then Lay-dee woke me up to take this photo. I am now much less content.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Pinky Ruth #60

I am now at Lay-dee's house and I'm not even mad about it. In the last week, I have been drugged by the vet and exhibited behavior I am not proud of. And I have been traumatized by a terrible fire alarm event at the apartment building where Maddie and I live. I was reduced to a trembling, furry, heap of fright by the sirens and lights and commotion.

After those two unsettling events, I have now come to realize that being at Lay-dee's house is only the 3rd worst thing that could happen to me. Maddie is with me on this trip, which makes me happy and a bit more relaxed, of course.
But...I had not been in Lay-dee's house 20 seconds when I had to hiss at one of those dang hooligans. He was at the top of the stairs trying to come down to greet Lay-dee. He didn't realize I was coming up the stairs to survey my accommodations. This hooligan did not appear to be particularly frightened by me which I found to be a bit disrespectful.
When I arrived in my room I found that Lay-dee had made her usual efforts to provide me with unique forts, sneaky hidey holes and some softy soft blankets spread out on my favorite window viewing perches.
As a southern passive-aggressive mama would say, "Bless her heart."