Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Pinky Ruth #11

 Dear Lay-dee,

Thank you for taking care of me (talking in a squeaky voice and feeding me treats and trying to get me to like you) when my mama abandoned me last week.
Yesterday my mama left to go chase a dumb bird. They didn't come home for HOURS and I was worried they left me again and I didn't even have you to put on my judgy face for. When Maddie came back I was sitting right on the edge of the couch facing the door and I meowed a lot to let them know my displeasure. Then I sat in my mama's suitcase so they couldn't leave again.
Tell my snake and Big Daddy that I miss them a little bit (and maybe I miss you too). I don't miss the loud nerf gun boy or those annoying elderly kitty men.
Pinky Ruth

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Pinky Ruth #10

 I sat up in my rocking chair and meowed when I heard Maddie come through the door. I was very happy to see Maddie but I wasn't going to let them know that. I put on my judgy angry face for a while to let her know I wasn't happy I was left for 10 days. Once Maddie went to bed though I jumped up for a nice cuddle, despite not having our usual softy blanket.

This morning I wandered the house like I own it. I've jumped in all of the windows and have meowed happy confident meows. Lay-dee keeps saying I have an awful lot to say today. She is right. I have so many stories to tell Maddie. Maddie is packing our stuff up and has told me we are going back to the city. They told me I have to get in my carrier and ride in the car for an hour. This is reason to put on my judgy angry face again.
Tonight I'll be back on my cat post overlooking the city from the 5th floor. Tonight I'll have my sofa, my basket and my softy blanket-all my favorite sleeping spots.
My adventure is over. I know I won't miss those hooligan cats. I probably won't miss loud Nerf gun boy or Lay-dee that much. I might miss Big Daddy a little bit. But for certain, I will definitely miss my snake.
Signed, Pinky Ruth, survivor

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Pinky Ruth #9

 After 10 days without her, I finally get to see Maddie tonight. Big Daddy slept with me last night which meant I was mostly unsupervised. I pulled a fabric shopping bag down from the bookshelf and took a bag of treats out of the shopping bag. I then tried to chew the bag and get the treats out. Big Daddy said it was cute to hear me play with the bag all night. When party pooper Lay-dee found out she was mad and took my chewed-up treat bag away.

This is yet another reason that she is not my favorite.

I was so excited this morning that I had my biggest zoomie run ever. I went back and forth from one window to the other and even crossed the bed once, waking up Big Daddy. But then I was tired and had to go back to sleep in my stuffed snake. Now I am taking a very long bath so I look nice when Maddie gets home. Lay-dee says Maddie finally has cell service and sent a message to me that they are on their way.

I can't wait.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Pinky Ruth #8

When my mom Maddie found me at the shelter 2 years ago I had stuffed myself in a corner of a metal cage and refused to make eye contact with anyone. Maddie kept my name, Pinky, but added Ruth to it, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Maddie said I was going to be a strong woman like Ruth was and together, we would thrive and be happy. I am a happy cat now because of Maddie but these 8 days I've been stuck with Lay-dee and Big Daddy haven't been without a few troubles.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg once said, "Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one's ability to persuade." I must disagree with my namesake on that. Today one of the Lay-dee's hooligan cats tried to visit me. I hissed and growled in anger and annoyance at him and he was definitely persuaded to leave my room. When will this kitty boy learn that "no means no"?
The Amazon truck driver saw me sitting in the window today. Lay-dee was sitting on the bed and heard him yell at me from the driveway, "Hey kitty, kitty....well aren't you a pretty li'l thing!" He didn't say one thing about how smart or clever I was. 🙄
I looked out of Lay-dee and Big Daddy's bedroom window today. I saw an acrobat squirrel upside down on the bird feeder, a bunch of crows flying from roof to roof, and a man in the house behind Lay-dee's house wearing only his underwear. Lay-dee said I was lucky he even had those on today.🙀
So you can see, that just like RBG, I've had to be a strong kitty woman to deal with these hardships. Lay-dee did make sure that I had some fun today. I was able to chase my rainbow string, violently attack my Winnie the Pooh catnip toy and watch a bird video on Lay-dee's laptop computer. Lay-dee tells me Maddie comes home to me tomorrow night. Lay-dee better be right.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Pinky Ruth #7

I've lived with Lay-dee and Big Daddy for a week now and I still wish my mom Maddie would come home. But, I've stopped sulking and in fact, had a major case of the zoomies last night. I ended my zoomie run with a jump onto the table in front of the window. Unfortunately, I slid on the towel Lay-dee had put on the table. Lay-dee said I would be docked a few tenths on my score due to the bobble on my landing. (Like she knows anything about zoomie scoring.) I let that loud Nerf gun boy pet me last night but I don't trust him one bit. The highlight of the night though was Big Daddy. Every cat should have someone who looks at them like Big Daddy looks at me. He always scratches my belly just right. Before I went to bed I chased a few more moths on the window screens.

It was garbage day today so I had a lot of things to look at from my window perch. I'm a little scared of the trucks but I love to sit up high and judge the crows. They think they are so smart. A few dogs walked by. Why do they ALWAYS feel the need to bark? I feel there should always be some mystery as to how I am feeling. I also saw a squirrel fall off of the fence because he was dumb. Lay-dee says he just lost his balance running too fast. I knocked a few tenths off of his squirrel score. Before I took my afternoon nap I let Lay-dee give me the good rubbins.

I figured it was time to throw her a bone. She scratched my head, ears, and belly and then brushed the rest of my fur. She then complained about how much fur was flying around the room and how she would need to vacuum. This kind of ruined the moment for me. Lay-dee now thinks that I love her though. She called me her precious little pumpkin. Sigh.
Signed, PRPLP (Pinky Ruth, Precious Little Pumpkin)

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pinky Ruth #6

I lived with my first family from when I was a kitten until I was 6 years old. One day, they took me to a shelter and I never saw them again. I've lived with my new mom
Maddie for two years now. 6 days ago she left me at Lay-dee and Big Daddy's house. Lay-dee says Maddie will be home in 3 days. I really want to believe they will come back for me. Last night one of Lay-dee's annoying cats kept sticking his paw under the door and howled to be let in. I had to swat his puny paw with my big one. I also had to hunt down, kill and eat a fly before I could eat my dinner. It was an excellent appetizer. Lay-dee says I am the best hunter she's ever seen. I told her she could refer to me as Pinky Ruth, Warrior Princess from now on. I must have impressed her because she gave me 7 treats today. I even came out of my stuffed snake bed to eat them.

Signed, Pinky Ruth, Warrior Princess #imissmymom

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Pinky Ruth #5

I decided I would mount a protest and hunger strike since my mom Maddie has been missing for 5 days now. I wedged myself underneath Lay-dee and Big Daddy's bed. They tried to get me to go back to my own room at bedtime. (They lock me in there at night in order to protect me from their own miscreant hooligan felines.) Big Daddy used his smooth-as-butter pleasant voice and told me how pretty I was. I stayed put. The loud boy actually had the gall to try and nudge me out with one of his Nerf guns. I growled at him. Lay-dee tried 3 times to woo me with a tempting salmon concoction. I turned around, put my rear end in her face, and stared at the wall in defiance. I WOULD NOT do as they wished.

Lay-dee finally admitted defeat and I watched as my bowl of salmon, my 3 different-sized water bowls, my two favorite toys, and my freshly scooped litter box were moved into the Lay-dee and Big Daddy's bedroom. They said I would sleep there that night. The minute Lay-dee got everything settled and left the room I came out from under the bed, stared at Big Daddy, and watched him sprint across the room to open the door. I sauntered my way back to my bedroom, my head held high, and watched with great amusement as they hurried to bring back my bowl of salmon, my 3 different-sized water bowls, my two favorite toys, and my freshly scooped litter box. I heard Lay-dee sarcastically mutter under her breath, "You're such a diva." (This passive-aggressive disrespect is why she will never be my favorite.) I am NOT a diva. I am a strong independent woman who does as I please.

I ended my protest and also my hunger strike, my point having been made, and ate the entire bowl of salmon. I then spent the rest of the night banging on the window screens with my giant right front paw trying desperately to kill the moths latched on to the outside of the screen.

Signed, Pinky Ruth, #activistcat #whereismymom

Monday, August 2, 2021

Pinky Ruth #4

Day 4 without my mom Maddie. Lay-dee says they will be back in 5 more days. Do you know how long that is in cat days? SMH. I slept in the rocking chair last night instead of my snake. I spent the morning in the front window taking a bath, soaking up the sun, and watching the neighbor children play. I heard them say I was the prettiest window kitty in the entire neighborhood. They are SUCH smart children. Lay-dee seems very needy so I let her pet me a bit and pretended to be content. This afternoon though, I wandered around the upstairs and peed in those other cats' litter box.

Signed, Pinky Ruth

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Pinky Ruth #3

Day 3 of my captivity with Lay-dee and Big Daddy. I continue to spend my days sulking in my stuffed snake under the bed. I did let Big Daddy scratch my belly last night and showed appreciation by wagging my tail back and forth.

Lay-dee then scratched my belly in the same exact way and I hissed at her. I LOL'd. But only on the inside. I maintained my judgy grumpy face on the outside. I did look out the windows early this morning and saw a bunny and some obnoxiously loud crows which I found vaguely interesting. Lay-dee tried to get me to come out today by bribing me with treats. I refused so she gave them to me in my snake. She also put a fan on me in case I'm too hot under the bed.

Treats, a fan and never having to leave my snake.

I'd call that #winning. #largeandincharge

Signed, Pinky Ruth