Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pinky Ruth #6

I lived with my first family from when I was a kitten until I was 6 years old. One day, they took me to a shelter and I never saw them again. I've lived with my new mom
Maddie for two years now. 6 days ago she left me at Lay-dee and Big Daddy's house. Lay-dee says Maddie will be home in 3 days. I really want to believe they will come back for me. Last night one of Lay-dee's annoying cats kept sticking his paw under the door and howled to be let in. I had to swat his puny paw with my big one. I also had to hunt down, kill and eat a fly before I could eat my dinner. It was an excellent appetizer. Lay-dee says I am the best hunter she's ever seen. I told her she could refer to me as Pinky Ruth, Warrior Princess from now on. I must have impressed her because she gave me 7 treats today. I even came out of my stuffed snake bed to eat them.

Signed, Pinky Ruth, Warrior Princess #imissmymom

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