Sunday, August 1, 2021

Pinky Ruth #3

Day 3 of my captivity with Lay-dee and Big Daddy. I continue to spend my days sulking in my stuffed snake under the bed. I did let Big Daddy scratch my belly last night and showed appreciation by wagging my tail back and forth.

Lay-dee then scratched my belly in the same exact way and I hissed at her. I LOL'd. But only on the inside. I maintained my judgy grumpy face on the outside. I did look out the windows early this morning and saw a bunny and some obnoxiously loud crows which I found vaguely interesting. Lay-dee tried to get me to come out today by bribing me with treats. I refused so she gave them to me in my snake. She also put a fan on me in case I'm too hot under the bed.

Treats, a fan and never having to leave my snake.

I'd call that #winning. #largeandincharge

Signed, Pinky Ruth

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