Saturday, August 7, 2021

Pinky Ruth #9

 After 10 days without her, I finally get to see Maddie Smith tonight. Big Daddy slept with me last night which meant I was mostly unsupervised. I pulled a fabric shopping bag down from the bookshelf and took a bag of treats out of the shopping bag. I then tried to chew the bag and get the treats out. Big Daddy said it was cute to hear me play with the bag all night. When party pooper Lay-dee found out she was mad and took my chewed up treat bag away. This is yet another reason that she is not my favorite.

I was so excited this morning that I had my biggest zoomie run ever. I went back and forth from one window to the other and even crossed the bed once, waking up Big Daddy. But then I was tired and had to go back to sleep in my stuffed snake. Now I am taking a very long bath so I look nice when Maddie Smith gets home. Lay-dee says Maddie finally has cell service and sent a message to me that she's on her way.
I can't wait.

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