Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Pinky Ruth #11

 Dear Lay-dee,

Thank you for taking care of me (talking in a squeaky voice and feeding me treats and trying to get me to like you) when my mama abandoned me last week.
Yesterday my mama left to go chase a dumb bird. They didn't come home for HOURS and I was worried they left me again and I didn't even have you to put on my judgy face for. When Maddie came back I was sitting right on the edge of the couch facing the door and I meowed a lot to let them know my displeasure. Then I sat in my mama's suitcase so they couldn't leave again.
Tell my snake and Big Daddy that I miss them a little bit (and maybe I miss you too). I don't miss the loud nerf gun boy or those annoying elderly kitty men.
Pinky Ruth

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