Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Pinky Ruth #13

It is Day 1 of my Thanksgiving captivity. Today I was ripped from my home gently and peacefully and forced to ride in the car to Lay-dee's house. Lay-dee grumbled the entire way home about traffic but I liked the slow pace the car went. Maddie let me sit on their lap and said nice things to me the entire trip. I still managed to complain for over an hour. I was fascinated though with how the light changes when we go under overpasses and in tunnels. I also saw what was probably a million dumb crows fly overhead. And I stared for a bit at the Amazon truck driver who was next to us when we were stopped on the road. I am now in Maddie's room and have tried out all of the window perches and closet forts that Lay-dee has made for me. I even saw that she put my favorite stuffed snake under the bed. Last summer, when I stayed at Lay-dee's house, I curled up in my snake almost every day. Lay-dee thinks she can win my love this Thanksgiving by making me comfortable and happy. For now, I sit in judgment of her on a very soft blanket in my new secret closet hideaway. Perhaps, I shall sleep here tonight. Traveling is so exhausting.

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