Friday, November 26, 2021

Pinky Ruth #16

Day 4 of my Thanksgiving captivity: I knew they were downstairs paying attention to those rascal, hooligan cats Lay-dee wants me to be friends with. I used this time to check out the view of the birdfeeders from an upstairs bedroom window, Afterwards, I plopped myself down at the top of the stairs. I meowed to remind them all who the true queen of this Thanksgiving castle is--despite my desire to not be held captive in it. Lay-dee mistakenly thought I called her name. She ran up the stairs and then sat quietly next to me. She talked softly and told me that I was such a good girl. I managed to squeak out a response. Which again, she mistakenly interpreted as my approval of her being next to me. Big Daddy arrived to save me. When I saw him come up the stairs I meowed happy meows. I ran over to him and let him pet me and scratch my head and under my chin. I laid down on the floor and showed him my belly. I even let him rub it a little bit. I let him throw me a toy and I tried to catch it with my giant paw. I love Big Daddy. He makes my captivity tolerable.

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