Saturday, November 27, 2021

Pinky Ruth #17

 Day 5 of my Thanksgiving captivity: I woke up to glorious news! Maddie informed me that I was being freed. (I'd like to thank Garth Nelson and the "Free Pinky Rooth" grassroots campaign. I'm sure it shortened my sentence by at least a day.) On my last day, I spent some time under Big Daddy's chair. As he played video games he reached down and scratched my head. This gave me the confidence to saunter myself down the stairs to where those rascal, hooligan cats hang out. I proceeded to rub every corner I could find. I wanted to make sure that they would remember the great Pinky Ruth. I wanted my smell to haunt and annoy them for quite some time. Unfortunately, I then had to ride in the car to get back to my 5th-floor city apartment. I made sure to make a fuss the entire trip. When Lay-dee pulled the car in front of my building, however, I was silent. I knew I was finally home. Maddie let me out of my cage and I ran under the bed, just in case Lay-dee wanted to give me goodbye loves. I came out the minute she left and I heard the door shut. I ran over to my water fountain and drank to my heart's content. And then I slept. I climbed in my cat post...and I slept, as a happy and free Pinky Ruth.

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