Monday, May 29, 2023

Pinky Ruth #93

Day 5 of my holiday kidnapping: I knew the plastic was behind the closet door in the room next to mine. The minute Lay-dee left me unsupervised, I made a break for it. The smell behind the door was overwhelming. She found me staring at the closet door, nose to the floor at the base of the door. I was willing for that door to open.

Lay-dee said to me, "Pinky Ruth, you are never going to get that bubble wrap. I will not be an enabler to your addiction." This is yet another reason why Lay-dee will never be my favorite.
I buried my defeated and offended self under the bed covers in my room. I was blissfully sound asleep until Lay-dee threw the covers back and rudely stuffed me in my carrying case. I made sure to express my displeasure at being trapped the entire drive back to my city apartment. Lay-dee called my unhappy meows, death meows. I consider that a compliment.
And now, tonight, I am happy. I'm back with my Maddie.

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