Saturday, July 1, 2023

Pinky Ruth #94

I am sitting on the most comfortable, softy blanket, 2nd floor, suburban window perch that Lay-dee has ever created for me. She would like me to show my appreciation in a positive way.

Instead, I glared at her. I ate the treats she offered me and then hissed a few times until she went away. Lay-dee then called me a big poop. This is yet another reason why she will never be my favorite.
Thankfully, Maddie is here with me and this is not another Pinky Ruth "abandoned in the suburbs" story. Maddie has, however, been spending a lot of time with one of the elderly hooligans. Maddie says the hooligan might be dying.
I find myself saddened that the hooligan is no longer a healthy and equal adversary. Maddie gives good pets and always makes me feel better.
For now, the hooligan needs those Maddie pets more than I do.

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